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3 Mistakes To Avoid When Picking A Banquet Hall!

Picking a banquet hall is often done in some random way and which is why often it becomes a major let down. In Kolkata, one of the most famous reasons why people book a banquet hall is because some relative got married there.

However, there are a lot other methods to pick a banquet hall. In this blog, we are going to help you find out the common 3 mistakes to avoid. That way, you can at least know what not to do.

Want to find out what these are? Let’s take a look –

1. Do not book before you see

Just because you have been to a wedding there, does not mean you book it before even checking it out. Everything, including wedding banquet halls in Kolkata change over time and maintenance and a lot of things factor in to decide whether the change is positive or negative.

So, make sure that before the payment is done for, and the dates booked, you at least take a good look at what the venue is all about. Don’t want an unpleasant surprise a few days before your big day!

2. Never underestimate your guest list

You might have just invited your friends and family, or gone the whole way by inviting your Facebook friends – whatever the case might be, you should not underestimate your guest list.

Thinking to yourself that not everyone will turn up, so I can get a small banquet hall is probably not a good idea. If you want a small wedding, ensure a small guest list in the first place.
There is really no other way.

3. Always booking closer to home

Now, there is no question that having a wedding banquet hall closer to home is a great advantage, but that does not always have to be true. Sometimes it is best when you just pick the one that suits you best, even it comes at the cost of distance.

A nice wedding banquet hall can make or break a wedding and just keeping the distance criteria in your head while taking your pick is rather sad.

These are the 3 mistakes that you need to avoid while picking a banquet hall for your wedding. If you keep these tips in mind, then you are going to find your right spot 99% of the time!

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