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3 Mood Killer Mistakes To Avoid In Your Wedding!

If you are planning your wedding soon and want it to be everything you have ever hoped for, then you need to avoid some obvious mistakes. But there are some that you cannot detect early, unless you have an idea of what kind of catastrophe it can bring.

In this blog, we are going to talk about 3 of the worst mood killing mistakes that you can commit at your wedding. If you do not consciously try and avoid it, then things can go horribly wrong – and no one wants that for their ceremony. Now, let’s take a look –

1. Mixing cuisines in mains and sides

A lot of caterers unknowingly make the mistake of mixing main dishes of one cuisine with the sides of another. Imagine this, if your wedding served fried rice with butter tikka masala or pulao with chilli chicken, what a gastronomical disaster it would be.

To avoid this, you need to have a prior chat with your caterer and make sure that everything you want to serve on a plate is coherent with each other on a basic taste bud level. Because if it is not, then things can go horribly wrong!

2. Having a disproportionate space distribution

Many wedding banquet halls in Kolkata have a disproportionate distribution of space and there is plenty in the hall for people to meet and greet but a shortage in the dining space – which is not a good idea at all.

However, if this happens at your wedding, then it can definitely be a mood killer – something you do not need for yourself. So make sure that your wedding banquet hall has a spacious dining space – because that is one part no guest wants to compromise with.

Also, make sure that there are more than 1 menu stalls in different parts of the place, so that one does not start getting haunted by a queue too long.

3. Make sure to concentrate on finger foods

People visit wedding ceremonies during the evening and do not set off to the dining area unless they are famished or have a long way to go. In this situation, it is very important that you have delectable vegetarian and non-vegetarian finger foods menu.

Ask your caterer to present you with different options and then you can totally have a gala wedding where people will praise every part of your whole ceremony.

These are 3 of the mood killing mistakes that you must avoid during your wedding ceremony and then you will not hear of weird complains later.

In fact, with our tips, you can actually turn these mistakes around and make it a point of strength and a mood creator of sorts. Now that you have a fair idea of what to avoid cognitively and what not to, what are you still waiting for?

Get in touch with your wedding hall manager to talk about these possible slip-ups and make it absolutely concrete!

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