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3 Of The Latest Wedding Trends In Kolkata!

Planning a gala wedding for yourself this season? Then you have two options at hand – one is to go the traditional way (boring alert), or go for something a little more exciting and mix up traditions and the latest trends.

In this blog, we are going to take a look at 3 of the latest trends and how you can work around it. Once you follow these, your Instagram will be flooding with hearts from all over and there will be no turning back.

Excited already? Let’s take a look now –

Trend 1: Pre-wedding photoshoot

Gone are the days when you could just hop around on your wedding day to get great pictures and that would be enough! Now, you need to book a professional cameraman for more than just one day.

The pre wedding shoot is getting a lot of traction in the wedding scene and people are getting off to different locales to have a great time. So, whether you want a cityscape pre wedding shoot, or something more exotic like in Bakkhali, Shantiniketan, or somewhere else, this is something you must look into.

If you get it right, your wedding will have a different value altogether!

Trend 2: Great Banquet Halls

A great picture is impossible without a great background, and that is why you need a good looking banquet hall in South Kolkata for rent. But then again, that does not end it. You need an awesome decorator and light technician to make it look great in pictures and give you a good look.

These are very important for your wedding to look gorgeous and have the splendor that you have seen in social media weddings and celebrity hitched videos.

Trend 3: Mixing up a little culture

Add some dhol and nagada to a Bengali wedding, and you have the perfect thing. People are going to shake a leg, the party is going to be high in vibe, and there will loads of fun to be had.

You can also add a bar counter if you are feeling a little frisky, because nothing works inhibitions out like some good old alcohol. While these things are not traditionally part of the Bengali wedding, there is no denying that they are in fact an amazing match up!

These are the 3 things you need to have, the 3 trends you need to follow, if you want to have a wedding that people will talk about! So, what do you think?

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