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3 Things That Are A Must In Winter Weddings!

Let’s be honest to ourselves – winter is a fantastic time to get married, especially if you are living in Kolkata. In the summer, it would not be wrong to call the city the humid capital and most people want to avoid that season.
However, the City of Joy is a different landscape when it comes to the winter months. The cool weather and festive feeling are a perfect time to get married comfortably and not hold back – whether it comes to looking great or eating great.

In this blog, we are going to give you a list of 3 things that are absolute must during winter weddings. That way, you can make the right kind of conversation with banquet halls in South Kolkata for marriage from beforehand.
Now, let’s take a look –

1. Don’t hold back on the food

A lot of people today for a simple menu when getting married in the summer. This is simply because of the hot and humid weather that is not at all gastronomically appetizing.

However, once the year turns to November, things become a lot more comfortable and then it is time for you to go all out on the food. No matter whether you want rich Mughlai cuisine or want to experiment with some spicy North Indian or Konkani food, your way is all open.

In fact, even your guests are going to enjoy the treat a lot more – which is the whole point of having good food at your wedding.

2. Get a bar counter (if you want to party)

Some people like to have fun – and there is no denying that a wee bit of intoxication during this season is no bad idea at all. So, it is not all that bad an idea to have a bar counter and let your guests have some fun.
And since it is already winter and comes with a cool climate, no one will have a problem sipping to a glass of Cuba Libre or some fine scotch.

You can make it even cooler by adding some cocktails, because a little bit of mixology will always allow your guests to have something they have not before.

3. A lot of decking up

No need to keep your make up and style to minimum, the blistering heat is finally away and now you can get into the real skin of your fashion. Get ready to wear your favourite suits and gaudy lehengas and you can finally let out your real celeb self.

Make sure that you bring out the best that your closet has to offer – because you need to have the right pictures that are going to shoot your social media likes right to the sky.

These are the 3 things that are a must during a winter wedding. Once you get these things right, everything else will fall into place. So, don’t wait anymore – get set go!

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