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3 Ways to Make your Wedding Absolutely Photogenic!

In this day and age, it is no surprise to anybody how important being photogenic is. Having good photographs for your wedding has become so important that people are literally building up to it with pre-wedding shoots.

If you do not have a picture perfect setting for one of the most important days or events in your life, then what is the point of making all the effort anyway. However, a great picture is not just made with the help of a photographer, but also an awesome backdrop.

But how can you make it happen? Here, we will show how to make your Kolkata banquet hall rent look just like in the movies –

1. Set up the flowers like never before
Looking good in pictures is only possible with some great looking decor in the background and when it comes to wedding themes, what does it better than flowers. These bring so much of color, personality, love, and liveliness to the whole affair and make it look all the more better, just the way people like it.

Make sure that you talk to your decorator from beforehand and talk about the flower preferences that you might have in order to make sure that everything is set flawlessly.

2. Make sure you drape it with class
When deciding on the base cloth of your decor, do not go for regular drapes that you see in most weddings. There is a lot more to a photogenic wedding than that, and it is something you must understand.

First, make sure that all your drapes have a little zing to it – whether it be in terms of embroidery or other embellishments, it can have a serious effect on the decor. If you want to make sure that you do not make the right choice, then why not just ask a designer to help you with the color choices.

3. A center stage on fire
A photogenic wedding is made with a center stage production that makes it look like a grand celebration. If you want the same for you, then you need to first take care of your stage’s backdrop – which should look like it is made for a celeb performance.

Make sure that you have plenty of lighting as well to make it look illuminated, just like any other production. Once that is done, your center stage will be all set to make conversations throughout the floor as guests from both ends just cannot have enough!

These are the 3 ways in which you can make your wedding ceremony absolutely photogenic. Also, make sure that you have communicated with your banquet hall manager and decorator from beforehand to make things absolutely flawless.

Also, get in touch with a renowned professional make up artist so that you have a perfect and balanced look in your pictures. A lot of people just cannot keep it in the middle and either go too over the top with their make up or too low key.

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