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3 Wedding Gate Designs That Are In Trend This Season!

A wedding ceremony is a gala event and it should definitely look its part in every way possible. One of the most integral part of the decoration in this aspect is the wedding entrance and a good one can make a ceremony look really royal – which should be the effort in the first place.

In this blog, we are going to discuss 3 such wedding gate ideas that are trending right now. If you want your special day to have a picture perfect setting, then you too should take ideas from our top picks.

After you have made your pick, just get in touch with the best banquets in Kolkata for wedding and set up your dream entrance. Now, let’s take a look –

The Arch Gate Way

The arch gateway is one of the most trending wedding entrances right now and this is the semicircle that is making everyone’s heart pop whenever they imagine during their ceremony.

One way to ensure that this gateway gets its due is to ensure that you have the lighting on point – and going for bright colors with white lighting is always a classic that never fails.

You can accessorize the entrance with other things like water fountains and the likes. A great show for anyone who likes to have a royal style wedding!

The Drapes Entrance Gate Way

Want something more flowy for your wedding ceremony? Then the drapes entrance is perfect for you. It is designed over a rectangular structure where it is set up in a way that it looks no less than a palace entrance.

One of the best things about the drapes entrance is its ability to make a great impression on each and every guest that comes through it. Also, you can get it to match with the rest of your wedding theme and it all looks so in synchronized and coherent!

The Hanging Gardens Entrance Gate Way

This one comes with the same rectangular structure of the drapes entrance, but instead of just fabric, it adds something more – from hanging climber vines, to handcrafted items like umbrellas or even lighting options.

It looks the part for every wedding ceremony that is bored of convention and wants to try something new that will fit its part just like it is supposed to.

These are the 3 wedding entrances that are in trend right now and if you want your wedding to have the same gala effect, then you need to pick up some inspiration from here as well.

Also, if you want to make sure that your wedding entrance is nailed to the point, then all you need to do is get in touch with your wedding and banquet hall manager and ask them to take care of the decorations.

Once that is done, you can stop worrying about how your wedding ceremony is going to look right from the gate – because it is going to be great!

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