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Customized Theme Party

Make a memorable customized theme party even more grand and exciting with Saptapadi Banquet as its venue. No matter what the theme, we can make your party look just as great as you imagined it. Contact us now for more information.

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Anniversary Party

Host a memorable anniversary party with Saptapadi Banquet and make it one amazing occasion to celebrate about. Whether it be marriage, company anniversary, friendship, or anything else – we have all the arrangements ready for you.

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Make Your Anniversary Parties Timeless and Memorable at Saptapadi Banquet


Anniversaries are the rejuvenation and celebration of love and it is an imperative part of any happy life. So, why not just make it as epic and grand with Saptapadi Banquet?

We can make your anniversary a customized theme party if you want, whether it is your 10th wedding anniversary party, 25th wedding anniversary party, or every anniversary ever!

When you are going to celebrate your life with your partner and your love for each other, then it should definitely be worth the look. At Saptapadi Banquet hall in Kolkata, we can make your party great with our delectable catering of amazing spread, and create a scenic ambience with help from our professional decorators, and our light technicians.

From making a stage to creating memorable performances, managing your whole event, and even getting ready for your personal requests, at Saptapadi Banquet we are ready to make anything happen.

So, what are you still waiting for? Get in touch with us to avail our affordable and efficient packages that can make your anniversaries not just memorable, but epic!