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Corporate Seminars

Bring new vogue into your corporate seminars with Saptapadi Banquet, a place designed to make your meet a memorable and successful one. Designed for greatness, it has all the business amenities your seminar will need.

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Corporate Meets

Want to host your corporate meets at the best destination? At Saptapadi Banquet, you can have a great ambience and so much more. We are totally made for every scale of corporate event and can help you make yours a memorable one.

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Corporate Parties

Make your corporate parties more memorable than ever before – all you have to do is book us at Saptapadi Banquet. Great location, amazing ambience, bespoke decor, and so much more. We cannot wait to make your party a rocking one!

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Host Your Corporate Parties with Elaan at Saptapadi Banquets


Hosting corporate parties need a lot of panache, pedigree, and the right kind of banquet hall. With Saptapadi Banquet, you get the best venue for corporate parties, corporate seminars, and corporate meets in Kolkata.
With spacious conference room setting, great catering services, huge banquet hall, and designed interiors, Saptapadi Banquet is all you need to make your party a success.

It is the perfect venue to host professionals of the highest stature and help them have an enjoyable time. We will ensure that each of your guests experience nothing but the best at our corporate party and seminar venue.

We also guide you with setting up everything from stages for performance to screens for seminars and so much more. Contact us now, because we are waiting to make your corporate events shine brighter than ever!

Because you are looking to make things grand, then we are the only choice you have!