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Housewarming Party

Having trouble fitting all your guest list in your new house? Why bear the hassle when you can just get in touch with Saptapadi Banquet and we will do the rest for you. From lights and decor, to catering, we have it all figured out for you.

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Dinner Party

Want to host a fabulous dinner party with the most delectable gourmet cuisines? Saptapadi Banquet is the ultimate place for that kind of an endeavour and what’s more, we have a spacious space as well.

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Holiday Party

Make your holiday in Kolkata all the more memorable with a grand party at Saptapadi Banquet and meet and greet new people to connect to. It will be a fascinating experience, one that only Saptapadi Banquet can give you.

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Karaoke Party

Want to have your own karaoke party with friends and family? Well, the best venue for it is the only new-age banquet hall in Kolkata – Saptapadi Banquet. Contact us now and we can set up the whole shazam for your party in no time.

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Bring out the True Magnanimity in your Family Functions with Saptapadi Banquet

Family functions are always fun even on the smallest scale – you get to meet, greet, and reminisce all the good old days with your near and dear ones. But sometimes, you need to push the envelop further and make a shift in the tectonics of family events.

And what better venue to do it at than Saptapadi Banquet – one of the most reputed and popular banquet halls in South Kolkata. We are spacious and have loads of ideas to make your housewarming party, Dinner party, holiday party, or Karaoke Party a truly grand event.

It is time that you finally stop having more fun at family events and do not just get stuck in the routine of how these get together events are. At Saptapadi Banquet, you can also tell let us help you with the whole management and we assure you a brilliant result without any doubt.

So, get in touch with us now and usher a new era to your whole family events landscape – because that is the only way Saptapadi Banquet knows how!