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How To Get Your Dining Arrangements Right For Your Wedding!

Dining is one of the most important arrangements at any wedding and it plays an important role in greeting and being a host to the guests. However, today with guest lists growing and wedding spaces getting more congested, a lot of the ceremonies get the whole arrangement wrong.

In this blog, we are going to tell you about the 3 cardinal rules that will ensure that your wedding guests have a good time dining at the event. Of course, you will need one of the better wedding banquets in Kolkata, but nevertheless,

Here are some tips that will help you anywhere –

1. Smaller spaces call for buffet

If you have a small dining space a lot of guests, then you should definitely opt for buffet. It is just the kind of the thing you need to keep the guests rolling as far as dinner is concerned.

Many guests have quite the journey to make after their dinner and they might have to wait in a long line if the dining arrangement is seated. However, in a buffet dining arrangement, they have the choice to get the food on their plate when they seem fit and enjoy a nice dinner, just like you intended for them to have.

2. Divide and serve

Thanks to the British policy of divide and rule, your wedding dining experience is going to be a lot better. As a host, many people commit the mistake of having a single counter for the non veg menu and another one for the veg menu.

However, this can turn out to be a novice mistake and before long, your guests will already be complaining of the long wait for them to get a second serving during peak hours.

The best way to deal with this is to have more than one counter for each of the menus, depending on your guest list. That way, there will be less cramming on the single buffet table and people can get a serving fast, thus enhancing their dining experience.

3. Separate the desserts and after dinner

Whether you have a pan stall or a normal dessert stall, it is best to keep those away from the normal food. That way people can line up after they are done with their dinner and get their load of sugar in without much difficulty.

However, if the desserts stall is placed with the food buffet stalls itself, things become difficult for people who are done with their dinner and they have to wait in a queue to reach their favorite sweets.

This might discourage them to make the effort in the first place and even for the ones that do, it will be inconvenient for them to stand in a long queue to get their reward.

If you keep these cardinal rules of serving food in a wedding ceremony right, then there is going to be no problem whatsoever in the overall dining experience. So, don’t wait! Get in touch with a wedding event manager and discuss these things now!

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