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Product Launch Parties

Want your product to rock the market? Select us at Saptapadi Banquet and get the launchpad it needs. We are the perfect venue to host the most lavish product launch parties and you will get every amenity you need at your beck and call.

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Movie Launch Parties

Launch your movie in the most glam venue and banquet hall in Kolkata. At Saptapadi Banquet we can give you a venue fit for the silver screen launch. Contact us now and book your venue at the most affordable rates.

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Serials Launch Parties

Bring your serial to the attention of the masses – host your launch party at Saptapadi Banquet. We can give you a glorious location, great decor, amazing lighting, and every other amenity you need. Contact us now!

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Web Series Launch Parties

Launch your web series right here with us at Saptapadi Banquet. We can give you everything you need from podium, to lights, camera, action, and the whole shazam! Then why go anywhere else when you can launch with the best.

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APP Launch Parties

Before you launch it on Google Play and App Store, get a good launching pad like Saptapadi Banquet and host a successful party to get the word of mouth going. Why still wait to look for a venue when you can rent the best.

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Business Launch Parties

Starting a new business? Book a grand launch with Saptapadi Banquet and make for an amazing launch party to let your peers know about your latest venture. We can make all the arrangements you need in no time and give you affordable package options.

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Launch Your Idea to Stardom – Host Launch Parties at Saptapadi Banquets


Want to launch your ideas with all the taam jhaam and attention it can get? Then trust Saptapadi Banquets to host the best launch parties for you. As a launch party venue, we host everything from we host everything from business launch party, product launch party, music launch party, movie launch party, web series launch party, serial launch party, and APP launch party.

Our banquet hall is designed and ready to host all sorts of such events and as a venue we can do what no other venue will be able to do for you. Saptapadi Banquet is the perfect place for all such events because it has a convenient and posh location.

It is easily accessible from all around the city and has the infrastructure to make your launch party events more than memorable, giving it an EPIC scale.

Contact us today to find out our affordable rates and packages and you can also send in your queries and requirements for the launch party.

Every launch needs the right platform, and at Saptapadi Banquet, you get the sturdiest and most launchpad venue in Kolkata!