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Association meetings / Club meetings

Want to hold a meet for your association or club? Saptapadi Banquet is the best venue for such events – with lots of space, a great locale, and a brilliant crew to make everything ready for your big event.

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Annual Meeting

Host your annual meet in a venue that is matched for that kind of event – and at Saptapadi Banquet we are just the kind of banquet all you need. Spacious, good looking, and amazingly affordable packages for every occasion.

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School Reunions

Bring back the memories of the good old school days at a posh venue like Saptapadi Banquets. It has the fervour and brilliance to be the best venue for this sort of a reunion event in Kolkata. Get in touch with us now.

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College Reunions

Reminisce the days of fun and frolick and travel back in time to your college days at your reunion venue – Saptapadi Banquet. We can make your reunion party feel just like an olden, golden days and a little bit of our magic touch.

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Prom Party

Prom parties are the coming of age for children into being men and women and a truly magnanimous venue should mark its start. With Saptapadi Banquet, you can get all of this and so much more at the best packages.

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Saptapadi Banquet Is The Venue For A Reunion Evening Of Nostalgia!


Club meeting or association meeting venue wanted? Or do you want to celebrate an evening of nostalgia and fun with your school and college reunion at the best venue?

Saptapadi Banquet is the perfect banquet hall for such events and more, including prom parties, farewells, date nights, and more. The place is tailor made for lights and fun, and there is enough space for everyone to dance and have fun.

Whether there is a requirement for a live band or a DJ, Saptapadi Banquet is the perfect place to arrange this sort of an event. If you want to have a memorable meet for clubs or associations, or celebrate your time in school reunions and more, we are the IT place to be.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us for your venue needs for meets and reunions, farewells, and prom parties and we will serve you the best we can!

Get all the modern amenities, spick and span venue, and hassle free management at the best rates today!